First of all, how you maintain your HVAC equipment and related home systems has a direct effect on your indoor air quality. That’s one of the value points of working with a professional company that understands real home maintenance, and the options that are available to you as a property owner.

When you’re looking at indoor air quality, there are a lot of things to consider. If you have a forced-air heating and cooling system, you’re looking at how that works, and how air gets pushed around inside the building.

There are also other auxiliary features that can make a difference – for instance, whole-house humidifiers add moisture into the air, to help prevent sinus problems and other results of ‘fried air’ – where forced air dries out the air to the extent that the inhabitants get uncomfortable.

Then there are other options that work on the process of air purification – taking various kinds of spores, microbes, and dander out of the air to decrease any problems you might have with allergies or respiratory problems.

Into the mix comes the HEPA filter, the gold standard for air quality control. What is so valuable about the HEPA filter is that this high-design type of filtration can remove 99% of many contaminants from the air at a microbial level.

These days, the main example of the HEPA filter’s value is coronavirus particles. We are all obsessed with the ubiquity of coronavirus in the air and how it moves. So having a HEPA filter in place can effectively change the outcome in terms of controlling coronavirus.

The bad news is that HEPA filters don’t work with many HVAC systems, and can be difficult to integrate into your property footprint. Although you can easily get HEPA filters for standalone appliances such as your robot vacuum or a plug-in air purifier, they’re not really standard on whole-house systems at all.

In fact, filtration has a lot to do with how your central HVAC works in general. We often give clients more details as we consult with them at their properties, in figuring out how to fine-tune their particular system to increase the indoor air quality in a building.

It’s just something to think about when you’re in the process of maintaining your home. Better filtration equals better indoor air quality, and it’s often within your reach. Talk to Lee Services AC and Heating in the Tampa, FL area – we are a top-tier HVAC company that homeowners trust with their systems, year in, and year out. Don’t leave home maintenance to chance – call us!

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