Here in Florida, the hot and humid climate means that most homeowners leave their ACs on for most of the year. Unfortunately, this heavy usage can wear down your AC faster, which is why regular servicing is so crucial. When you keep up with your AC’s maintenance, you can expect your unit to have a longer lifespan and to operate more efficiently, saving you more money on your energy bills. Keep reading if you’re wondering what is included in an AC service.

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What Does A Typical AC Service Include?


Our technician will calibrate your thermostat to ensure that it’s functioning optimally. We’ll check that it’s correctly installed and isn’t positioned too close to any heat sources. It’s also crucial for your thermostat to be programmed correctly so that you can get the best energy savings.

Electrical Connections

Damaged electrical connections are hazardous and can even cause a fire. This is why our technicians inspect all the electrical connections and tighten anything if required. 

Air Filter

You might not realize how much dust, debris, and dirt your AC air filter accumulates through the months. All the dust not only causes your indoor air quality to suffer, but can also cause other AC issues such as ice formation and less than optimal cooling. Our technician will clean your air filter, getting rid of any dirt or mold that has built up.

Drain Line Cleaning

It’s also crucial that your AC drain is properly cleaned to eliminate any bacteria or mold near the drain line and ensure that your AC can continue to drain liquid condensate properly. A clogged drain line can lead to other issues like moisture and leaks. At the same time, we’ll also check for any cracks in the condensate drain pan, and we’ll carry out any repairs or replacements as needed.

Evaporator and Condenser Coils

Florida’s climate is extremely humid, which means the air can often contain more dirt and debris. These can all accumulate on your air conditioner coils, affecting your unit’s cooling function. If neglected, your AC has to work much harder to cool down your home, reducing its lifespan and causing your energy bill to rise. 

System Controls

Our technician will ensure that the system controls are working as they should. Does the system turn on, operate and turn off properly? Leave it to our technician to check these components.

Moving Components

There are certain parts of your AC that are always moving, exposing them to possible friction. If they aren’t properly lubricated, they can break down faster and will need to be repaired or replaced. Our AC service includes properly lubricating these moving components.


Most people think that an AC service is only about cleaning the external unit and the air filter. However, there’s so much more to it. Our AC technicians pay great attention to detail and ensure that they do a comprehensive inspection of various components. If you don’t invest in an AC service, you won’t know if your AC components are working well or if there are any safety hazards. Call us today to schedule your AC service, and don’t ignore minor AC issues or let them turn into significant and costly repairs!

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