With rising summer temperatures, every home should be equipped with a functional AC to keep them cool without an overly expensive energy bill. Unfortunately, when your AC starts to have issues, you may struggle to keep your house cool, see an increase in your energy bill, or have problems turning your AC on or off.

There are many problems an AC may have, but some are more common than others. To ensure that your AC is running well and can keep up with the heat, keep an eye out for these common AC repairs in Tampa.

Most Common Air Conditioner Issues

Damaged Capacitor

The capacitor in your AC helps the unit start up by giving it a boost of energy to power it up. When the capacitor breaks or gets damaged, your AC may stop being able to produce cool air. Air will still blow from your AC vents, and the thermostat will work fine, but the air coming out won’t be cold.

Clogged Filter

Dirt and dust build up in your filter over time, leading to a clogged filter. When your filter gets clogged, your AC unit may freeze, and airflow will be reduced. To avoid this, you’ll need to get your air filter cleaned out every few months.

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is what makes the air in your AC cool. Without it, your AC is just recycling warm air and turning it back out into the room. When your refrigerant gets too low or runs out entirely, your system may freeze, and your AC won’t be able to cool down your home.

You can tell when your refrigerant is low when your AC starts to run longer, and it’s harder for it to reach your set temperature. While refilling the refrigerant is easy, the fact that it’s running low is often due to another more complex issue. This is why it’s critical to contact our professionals so they can diagnose the root of the issue for you.

Clogged Drain Line

If you notice your AC leaking, it can signify a clogged drain line or drain hole. As dirt and dust build up in the drain line, it can block water and evaporation from leaving the unit. As a result, the water will collect and leak down the sides of your AC.

Failing Blower Motor

The blower motor in your AC is what moves the air through your AC unit and air ducts. They are relatively durable but can still fail if they aren’t correctly taken care of. The bearings need to be lubricated, and dirt and dust need to be removed. If you don’t get these done regularly by a professional, they might fail, and your AC won’t work.

When your blower fails, you’ll smell something electrical burning in your ducts. You may also hear banging or grinding. If you do, shut off your system immediately and contact our AC experts. If you keep running your system, there’s a risk that you could start a fire or further damage your AC.

Corroded or Dirty Coils

There are two types of coils in your AC: evaporator coils and condenser coils. Both are vital to the functionality of your AC and should be cleaned every year or so. If the coils get corroded or become dirty, your AC won’t be able to work properly and will be unable to cool off your home.


Several problems can occur in your AC, but routine maintenance can reduce the risk of issues. If you do encounter a problem, be sure to contact our experts so that your AC can be fixed as soon as possible without the risk of further damage.

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