Like all appliances in your house, furnaces will eventually grow old and need to be repaired or replaced. However, knowing when to repair it and when to replace it may not feel as clear-cut as it should be. After all, if your furnace is very old and has been with you for a long time, you’re probably not too keen to replace it, especially when furnaces are relatively expensive.

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My Furnace Is Very Old, Can It Still Be Serviced?

There are some benchmarks you can follow to know when a replacement may be better than servicing your furnace and vice versa.

Your Furnace Is Under 30 Years Old

In most cases, if your furnace is under 30 years old, you should still service it. Gas furnaces tend to last around 20 years old, but electric furnaces will last 30 years or longer. If you know that your furnace is under 20 years old, you should service it before investing in a full replacement.

If you aren’t sure how old your furnace is, there are a few ways to check. First, check the inside door of the furnace for a manufacturing date. It should just be on the label that’s inside the door, but if it isn’t, look for the serial number. 

The serial number option is your second way to check the date, so write it down, then go to the manufacturer’s website or Google and look up how to find the manufacturing date within the serial number.

Your Furnace Hasn’t Had Problems Before

If this is the first time your furnace has had problems, you should opt to repair it. Even if it’s 30 years old, it’s likely that your furnace will continue functioning properly if you repair it. If your furnace has had several problems over the years, replacing it is probably a better choice.

The Repair Is Minor

Some furnace repairs are minor and won’t cost that much. Since replacing your furnace is expensive and a fairly long process, you should have your furnace serviced if the problem or repair is minor. Your furnace may still last several years, and calling our professionals to service minor problems will ensure it lasts as long as possible and continues working.

You Don’t Want to Update Your Furnace or Can’t Afford To

Many homeowners are choosing to replace old appliances and furnaces at the first sign of a problem. This is often so they can update their home with new appliances or choose something more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, this isn’t an affordable option for everyone.

If you don’t want to upgrade your furnace or can’t afford a new one, choosing to service your current furnace will be better and more affordable. Your furnace may still have several years of life in it and if upgrading it isn’t necessary, you’ll get a better deal by choosing to service your furnace over replacing it.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

It’s up to you when you feel like replacing your furnace is better than servicing it. You may decide to compare the costs of a replacement and repairs, or you may take other things into account, such as age, environmentally friendly options, and the number of problems your furnace has had in the past. 

If you still aren’t sure if replacing your furnace or repairing is best, talking with a professional can help guide you in the right direction as they’ll have the experience necessary to determine the best decision.


Many people are inclined to replace their furnaces at the first sign of a problem, but many furnaces will continue to work perfectly once they’ve had a repair. Before deciding to replace your furnace altogether, consider servicing it as you may be able to get several more years out of it and save money by not replacing it. If you’re unsure, call us so we can give you more specific advice for your furnace.

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