We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again – maintaining an HVAC system in a home or business property takes a certain amount of work overtime.

It’s important to serve customers well and remind them of some of the realities around HVAC, to make sure they have the best chance of keeping their systems working well in the seasons to come.

Too many companies just come in and do a one-time fix, and wait to get called again. It’s great for the company because they get a lot of service calls, but it’s really not great for the property owner.

Here at Lee Services AC and Heat LLC, we like to be proactive about helping customers to at least do basic maintenance and review of systems himself – then they call us for bigger problems. That’s building a long term relationship based on good business, instead of just trying to recoup the maximum amount of money from someone. And homeowners who are trying to manage a budget often appreciate this courtesy and help. Here are some helpful tips. Also, if you have any questions about HVAC filtration for the global pandemic, we can help answer some of your questions!

Clearing Drains and Systems

One of the basic tips on making sure your system works well is to keep drains and system clear of intrusions. That means controlling creeping ivy, weeds, and more. When your drain gets clogged or your unit gets inundated with vegetation, it’s not going to work well!

Changing Filters

For best performance, furnace and HVAC filters need to be changed on a regular basis. For some filters, that means changing every three months. Others only need to be changed once a year. Either way, though, it may be hard for busy property owners to remember this kind of routine maintenance. When you know more about your filters and when to change them, that helps you to make a difference in what you pay for HVAC service year in and year out.

Systems and Balance

Here’s a more abstract way to look at HVAC – that is very useful! Your system needs a certain amount of inherent balance to work well. That’s true in terms of airflow, where systems have to be set up for particular size and layout, and it’s true in terms of your outside unit, where the concrete pad that it’s sitting on has to be level.

As Mr. Miyagi said in ‘The Karate Kid:’ balance is everything. If you don’t have balance, you’re not going to win. That’s true in HVAC, too!

Call us with any problems with your home systems around the Tampa, FL area.

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