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HVAC Maintenance in Tampa

Providing Homeowners in Pinellas County, Pasco County and Hillsborough County HVAC Tune-Ups

Like your car, your home’s air conditioner needs routine maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency year in and year out. Without it, you might find yourself in the middle of a hot Florida summer without a functional air conditioner!  With Lee Services AC & Heat, you can relax in your Tampa-area home knowing your HVAC system is good to go whenever the temperatures spike or drop . Lee Services HVAC tune-ups keep your home’s heating and cooling system working for maximum effectiveness.

Fewer repairs, increased lifespan, and improved function—these are  a few of the benefits you get when you schedule HVAC maintenance! Contact Lee Services Online or by phone at (813) 777-1396 to schedule an HVAC tune-up in the Tampa area.

What’s Included in a Maintenance Tune-Up

Lee Services AC & Heat LLC  utilizes proven HVAC maintenance techniques to optimize your system for perfect comfort and seasonal performance. Our maintenance service is completely all-inclusive, providing your system with the complete professional care it needs. Our maintenance service includes:

  • Comprehensive cleaning. Dust and other common pollutants build up in cooling systems, and can drastically reduce comfort and overall system performance, Our experts will provide a complete cleaning of your system, ensuring increased efficiency and a lower risk of breakdowns.
  • Thorough parts and components checks. Each and every part in your system will be checked for proper function and overall health. This helps us to identify risks early, saving you the stress and cost of a breakdown or repair down the road.
  • Electrical connection and calibration services. Your thermostat and electrical connections will be checked for security and function, and the thermostat will be calibrated for accuracy when necessary.
  • Refrigerant checks. Whether your system is equipped with the previously-standard R-22, or the more commonly modern R-410a, our experts can check the refrigerant for optimal levels, as well as check for any leaks that may have developed.

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