Your indoor air quality could actually be worse than the air quality outside. You probably didn’t realize that your AC unit can do a lot to improve your air quality while keeping you cool at the same time. An old AC unit can increase your energy bills while also not doing a good job of filtering harmful particles in your home. It might be the right time to install a new AC unit to improve your air quality at home.

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How Will a New AC Unit Improve Indoor Air Quality?

How the AC Unit Works

AC units work by pulling in air from outside your home, passing it through a filter, then over a cold coil that cools it before pushing it out through the vents. There are a few things that can go wrong with this process if you have an older unit, like the air not cooling properly or the filters not removing all the allergens.

While replacing the filters can help your unit function more efficiently, an older unit especially might struggle with the cooling process. Replacing your AC unit for a new one that can complete this cooling process efficiently can do a lot for your air quality.

Better Filtration

You might notice dust particles floating in the air at home. This can cause problems for those with allergies, asthma, and other conditions. Your old AC unit may be struggling to filter out these particles efficiently. This is where a new AC unit can help ensure that your indoor air is cleaner.

Improved Airflow

Your old AC unit might be operating a little loudly or working too hard to achieve your desired temperature. This is usually because the unit has a leak somewhere or lacks efficiency, causing the unit to lose pressure and have to work harder to maintain the cool air in your home.

A new unit will improve the airflow in your home and reduce problems of allergens leaking in from the outside. 

Air Pollution

Did you know that newer AC units can actually tell you when they need to have the filters replaced? Newer technology in AC units includes smart thermostats, which provide you with more control and information about your air quality and the energy used.

If you notice a sudden drop in efficiency, you can check the filters or the unit itself for any issues.

Efficiency Extras

Newer AC units include options for improved efficiency that you can add for the purpose of better air quality. For example, you can add an air purifier to your unit to help clean your air even further. Some units have UV lights as well that will kill airborne pathogens and alert you to any harmful particles in your air.


Your AC unit does so much more than just cool your home; it also affects your indoor air quality more than you realize. If your AC unit is old and not functioning optimally anymore, it’s time to install a new one and give your home healthy and fresh circulating air again. Call us today to find out more about installing a new AC unit!

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