Heating and air conditioning is not the kind of industry where customers typically know a lot about what’s going on under the hood. You might even say that it’s more specialized than the auto mechanic world because a lot of drivers have a pretty intense interest in in-car technology. They may know a lot about the brakes and the engine and the transmission and everything else.

On the contrary, most people don’t know much about what makes their heating and air conditioning equipment run. That creates specific challenges in the industry, and that’s something that we’re trying to fix as a thought leader on HVAC and top installation service and maintenance company in the Tampa, FL area.

The Air-Conditioning Trap: High Heat Creates High Energy Bills!

We read an article recently that talked about the vicious cycle that occurs when the summer season warms up. We’re having record high hot seasons in some temperate parts of the country, and people ratchet up their air-conditioners to stay cooler. But the increased air conditioning is expensive! Households are faced with bigger and bigger energy bills, and increased consumption can lead to brownouts and other service problems.

One common-sense way to avoid these kinds of situations is to conserve energy, and there are specific ways you can do this. In some climates, you can often give your air conditioner a day off, in order to save on your bills and put less pressure on the community grid.

Resting Your Air Conditioner

One of the most straightforward ways to give your air conditioner a day off is to make use of your windows and blinds.

The idea is that on a night that reaches a certain low-temperature point, you open up the windows in the evening, and allow that cooler air to circulate into the building. If you can wake up early enough at an hour like 5 AM or 6 AM, to shut the windows and shut the blinds, you’ll conserve that cool air for most of the day, and may be able to rely on fans instead of cranking up the AC.

Like so much else in our lives, smart use of resources requires some work instead of just passive consumption. The more you know about your systems, the better you can use them, and the better service company you have, the better you maintain those systems. We help with everything from filter replacement to airflow issues and in-depth consulting on HVAC systems. With proactive maintenance, you can keep on top of your home systems and make fewer service calls within a given year. Talk to Lee Services AC and Heat in Tampa about how to keep your HVAC in good shape.

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