Now that we’ve got your attention – no, we don’t often see alligators destroying Florida HVAC systems.

Yes, we do live with alligators in Florida. Yes, they can climb, and they can target your pets and try to get under your car. But they’re not among the biggest types of service calls that we get, because they don’t tend to have a particular interest in outdoor HVAC units. To be clear, that’s not saying that an alligator-based emergency can’t happen. Here’s more of what we see with our customers’ Florida systems…

Low Refrigerant Problems

Over time, the extremely hot Tampa Bay summers do a number on your systems, and that includes impacting the refrigerant levels inside the HVAC system. Some decrease is common, and over time, your systems will need some sort of maintenance! HVAC is not magic – you don’t just turn the thing on, run it for years, and get nice and cool. Sorry, but that’s just not how it is.

There’s a quick and easy way to tell if your system is actively cooling or not – but unless you’re a home inspector some kind of professional, it’s a much better idea to call a reputable HVAC company to diagnose your system. We do this every day, and we specialize in making sure your HVAC systems are efficient and effective, to keep you cool all summer long.

Weeds and Clogs

This is a big one, too. Native weeds can grow up around your system and start to clog your drainpipe. When that happens, you’ve got a problem.

Do not neglect the vegetation around your HVAC unit. Pay special attention to the condenser drain, and the fan inside the unit, to make sure it can function properly.

It’s also a great idea to get used to the humming sound of your outdoor unit, so that you can be aware if that sound changes significantly. Some amount of noise is normal – other amounts of noise are not. This is an opportunity for you to be able to better diagnose your system on your own – or at least to be able to tell when to call.

A Level Playing Field

To operate well and efficiently, your HVAC system needs to be on level ground. If you see the slab settling or other problems like that, call us.

In addition, be sure to change your air filters and do all of the other indoor maintenance that’s important. We can come to your home and assess how your system is working, and we can help you to maintain your investment in your real estate.

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