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Tampa AC Repair

When you reside in Tampa, having a functional air conditioning system isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. When temperatures get into the 90’s and above, a reliable AC is your only source of comfort and relief from the intense heat—and a broken air conditioner is an absolute nightmare.

That’s why you should keep Lee Services AC & Heat LLC on speed dial for emergency air conditioner repair in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding areas.

AC Warning Signs

Have you experienced problems with your Tampa home’s air conditioner recently? If you’re not sure whether or not you need to call for AC repair in the Tampa Bay area, look for the following indications:

  • Strange Noises – Although your unit likely makes noises even when it’s functioning properly, unusual noises like clanking, grinding, or banging could indicate that you have a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Ineffective Cooling – If your unit begins to blow out hot air, your home will quickly become uncomfortable. If you are unable to get your air conditioner to blow cool air even after adjusting the thermostat, it’s time to call for an emergency AC repair.
  • Tripping Your Circuit Breaker – If your air conditioner starts tripping your home’s circuit breakers, you’re dealing with a safety issue. Switching your unit back on just to have it switch off again is a bad sign and warrants an emergency air conditioner repair in the Scottsdale area.
  • Unresponsive Unit – If your AC doesn’t turn on, call Lee Services AC & Heat LLC right away! This is particularly urgent if you have family members or pets in your home who are sensitive to heat.

If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs above, call us at (813) 777-1396 for emergency air conditioner repair in Pinellas, Pasco, or Hillsborough County in the Tampa Bay Area and the surrounding areas! Our Tampa AC repair team is available and can get to you quickly in your time of need!

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